One of our most important goals at GLB is to complete our clients’ projects on time and on budget, and our ability to self-perform work is instrumental in achieving that goal.

Our team ensures a fair and honest bid strategy, and directly passes along cost and efficiency benefits to owners whenever possible. GLB performs this construction to give our project teams the chance to work hand in hand with design teams and assure our clients a higher level of flexibility in scheduling and project delivery. We apply the company’s exacting, high safety standards to each of our projects, and GLB’s experienced crews coordinating and collaborating together helps our clients achieve their goals, while providing them peace of mind.

When you choose GLB for your Metal Framing and Drywall needs you are getting:

  • Schedule enhancements

  • Budget improvements

  • Superior quality

  • Increased safety

Metal Framing and Drywall Services:

  • Exterior and interior framing
  • Drywall
Metal Framing and Drywall with G.L. Bruno Associate’s Quality

Don’t waste time finding and managing inexperienced sub-contractors. Let GLB apply the same craftsmanship and experience to your metal framing and drywall as we have to the rest of the development and construction process.

Mike Bogna

President / CEO

Leo Duran

Vice President of Construction