GLB developed and constructed this state-of-the-art radiation oncology center as Kaiser Foundation Hospital’s template for its three-vault radiation oncology facilities. The three-vault facility is home to two linear accelerators, including state-of-the-art Trilogy and Gating systems, a CT simulator, and an HDR treatment modality. In addition, GLB was asked to retrofit the facility for the Novalis Tx radio-surgery platform, an integration of Varian’s linear accelerator and BrainLAB’s Exactrac System. In 2009, GLB completed a complex, $500,000 retrofit in one vault to integrate a BrainLab system. The 15,800 square feet facility incorporates a Zen Garden, Asian motifs and calming fountains to create a seamless transition as the patient moves from outside of the building to the inside. This design concept continues throughout the treatment area.

Project Specifications


  • 504 Gibson Drive
    Roseville, California


  • Steel frame with 3 concrete radiation oncology vaults and plaster, glass, and stone exterior
  • 15,800 square feet, 1-story
  • Final template for Kaiser oncology centers

Medical Specialty Tenants:

  • Oncology Center
  • 3 Linear Accelerators
  • CT Simulator
  • HDR
  • BrainLab