As the first of two radiation oncology facilities in the greater-Sacramento area that GLB built for Kaiser Foundation Hospital, the Rancho Cordova Oncology Center includes two linear accelerators and a CT simulator. The first stand-alone radiation oncology center in the Kaiser system, the 10,800 square feet facility remains the template for Kaiser two-vault radiation oncology buildings. GLB also is assisting Kaiser in the remodel of one of the building’s two vaults to expand patient services to include HDR and on-board imaging capabilities. The contemporary design focuses on state-of-the-art equipment delivered in a manner that positively impacts the patient’s feelings and attitudes when entering a space. Rather than the sterile environments once associated with cancer treatment, the facility uses design, color, and art to create a peaceful and appealing environment.

Project Specifications


  • 10725 International Drive
    Rancho Cordova, California


  • Steel frame with 2 concrete radiation oncology vaults and plaster, glass, and stone exterior
  • 10,800 square feet, 1-story
  • Designed to fit seamlessly into existing campus

Medical Specialty Tenants:

  • Oncology Center
  • 2 Linear Accelerators
  • CT Simulator